All guitars come with a quality hardshell case, usually tweed.  The amps do not come with cases, except the Blonde Twin, which has a road case with wheels.

In case you were wondering...

Vector-Derived Chromatic Anagram Code

HardWay Vintage Electronics

Sales and Shipping

Prices are marked.  If you are interested in an item, e-mail me on the CONTACT page.

I really, really, don't like to ship guitars and amps.  Come visit me in Northwest Ohio, where you can see and play with the stuff before you buy it.

   HardWay  is the producer of such redoubtable items as:

            •           Reproduction Fender Blue Tubular Capacitors

            •           Fender Tweed Deluxe Restoration

            •           Reproduction Astron yellow tubular capacitors

            •           RangeMaster Treble Booster accurate reproductions

            •           FireFly 5Y3 FF voltage-reducing rectifier

            •           The Fabulous Beer Crate Amp

            •           Astron Minimite Reproductions

            •           Amplifier restorations, modifications

            •           Custom guitars, guitar modifications, guitar repair

            •           Custom Device Development Department

            •           Innovative Technology

            •           WikiElectronica

      - All from the subterranean lair and Fortress of Solitude located in Ohio, near a river.


is a Vintage Electronics Technology Development Company.

HardWay is an anagram of my last name, as well as
a reference to my autodidactic way of doing things.

I do accurate restorations of vintage guitars and amplifiers, and I do other things that are interesting and/or fun.

I once ate an entire pie.

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