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Prices are marked.  If you are interested in an item, e-mail me on the CONTACT page.

I really, really, don't like to ship guitars and amps.  Come visit me in Northwest Ohio, where you can see and play with the stuff before you buy it.


is a Vintage Electronics Technology Development Company.

HardWay is an anagram of my last name, as well as
a reference to my autodidactic way of doing things.

I do accurate restorations of vintage guitars and amplifiers, and I do other things that are interesting and/or fun.

I once ate an entire pie.

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In case you were wondering...

HardWay Vintage Electronics

Vector-Derived Chromatic Anagram Code


All guitars come with a quality hardshell case, usually tweed.  The amps do not come with cases, except the Blonde Twin, which has a road case with wheels.

   HardWay  is the producer of such redoubtable items as:

            •           Reproduction Fender Blue Tubular Capacitors

            •           Fender Tweed Deluxe Restoration

            •           Reproduction Astron yellow tubular capacitors

            •           RangeMaster Treble Booster accurate reproductions

            •           FireFly 5Y3 FF voltage-reducing rectifier

            •           The Fabulous Beer Crate Amp

            •           Astron Minimite Reproductions

            •           Amplifier restorations, modifications

            •           Custom guitars, guitar modifications, guitar repair

            •           Custom Device Development Department

            •           Innovative Technology

            •           WikiElectronica

      - All from the subterranean lair and Fortress of Solitude located in Ohio, near a river.