HardWay Vintage Amplifiers

I must have had some money when I built this amp - I used Riken 1% carbon resistors, with gold-plated leads,  ($5 each!), and Solen capacitors.  The ground buss is thick solid silver, and the signal wire is also solid silver, with Teflon insulation.  I think the silver in this amp is probably worth more than the amp.

Angela Super Single-Ended
Ampro Super Single-Ended
Ampro amp


About 18 years ago, I built this amp out of things I had laying around, as you can tell.  I wanted to try Angela's Super Single-Ended circuit design.

I think the cabinet was an old Peavey Classic 112, and I added the Ampro grill.  The speaker is my favorite Ampro Jensen P12P, and the chassis was a steel box I had that just happened to sort of fit the cabinet. 

The amp is nice.  It does have some noise floor, but hey, it's single ended.  You can remove one of the 6v6s for lower power, and you can remove one of the rectifiers for more sag.  Versatile.  Sounds like a tweed Deluxe.