HardWay Blonde Twin Reverb


Weber MyTone speakers
Blonde Twin Reverb
Blonde Twin Reverb
Blonde Twin Reverb

The Amp that Never Was...

Fender never made a blonde Twin Reverb. 

I have always loved the look of the blonde amps, and a blonde Twin Reverb would look gorgeous.

...So I made one.

I started with a master volume Twin Reverb chassis that was in rough shape, had evidently been hit with a sledge hammer at some point, and was very rusty.  Nevertheless, it was mostly complete and the price was right.

Over a period of several months I rewired the chassis to 1965 blackface specifications, fixed the bent parts, and found a correct output transformer.

The beautiful blonde cabinet I had made for me, designed for a 12 inch speaker and a 10 inch speaker.

The speakers are the heart of the amp.  The ones in this amp were designed by me using Weber's MyTone program, which I don't think they offer anymore.  The speakers are very British in design, with big AlNiCo magnets and aluminum dust covers.  They are partially ribbed.

The idea was to brighten the tone of the amp (Twins always sound dark to me) and broaden the tonal range with two different speaker sizes.

The result is surprising.  This is my "go-to" amp in my studio;  it has the blackface twin tone and a tremendously complex, powerful voice.  Most of the guitars that I build have their pictures taken with this amp at some point.  I love it.