HardWay Outlaw Stratocaster

Blocking Stratocaster Bridge
HardWay, Ltd. Outlaw Stratocaster


Custom Outlaw Stratocaster. 

I bought what was to become Carl on eBay for $70.
Probably a Fender Squire body that someone had
sanded down to the Alder, only not very well.

The neck, probably also a Squire, was pretty good,
although the same someone had sanded the headstock,
evidently with #6 sandpaper (or else a chisel).

I smoothed the body and headstock, leaving the paint
spots alone.  I gave the whole thing 6-8 coats of
Shellac and put it together. 

The parts I had laying around, so a bit of a mis-match,
but I got the Walter Paul pickups on eBay, and I am
very impressed.  They sound great, and they are one
of the few sets that have a tighter pole pitch on the
bridge pickup.  Really well done.

I am running Ernie Ball "Not Even Slinky" heavy
gauge strings, which, if you've ever played heavy
strings, are amazingly loud, and have a rich dynamic
tonality that is never heard with those wimpy
spaghetti strings everyone plays these days.

Despite being tuned half a step down, the strings exert

huge force on the neck, and they will try to remove your

bridge - so, unless you want to use garage door opener

springs on your tremolo, you need to block the bridge.

A .45 ACP shell casing is my favorite way of doing it.

Fits perfectly.

Walter Paul Pickups

I'll probably sell Carl eventually, although right now I am having

too much fun playing and trying to play him.  Playing this guitar gives
you an appreciate for the strength of Stevie Ray Vaughn's fingers!