Here is a link to the best video I have seen on the Tweed Deluxe tone, and the interaction of the volume and tone controls:

HardWay Tweed Deluxe

As with all the amps I build, this one uses polypropylene or polyester capacitors; either Solen or 150M, or in this case, Jupiter and Sozo caps.  For filter caps I prefer F&T.  I only use Classic Tone transformers;  they are the best vintage-style paper-wound transformers available.  The resistors are carbon composition (except the cathode resistor and B+ drop), and the wiring is all cloth push-back.  I prefer Alpha potentiometers, although sometimes I use CTS or others.  I believe the laquered cabinet came from Marsh, or Weber,  but I don't remember.  I used Switchcraft jacks and Carling switches.

"Deluxe" Ampro
HardWay, Ltd. 5E3 "Deluxe"


The "Deluxe" uses  5E3 circuit design.  The "Deluxe" Logo is off of a 1949 Chevy Deluxe - a great car.

The speaker is a 1950s Ampro, a P12P Jensen AlNiCo 12 inch.  Ampro made film projector and sound equipment in the 1940s and 1950s, and for some reason used some spectacularly good Jensen AlNiCo speakers for their sound systems.

This little known secret is why I buy these Ampro speakers whenever they show up on eBay.  Sometimes they go for next to nothing.  Sadly, as more people find out about Ampro, the prices paid have started to skyrocket. (sigh)‚Äč.