Custom turret boards - four, count 'em, four.

This project is a joint development between Jim Myers and myself.  Jim is designing the cabinet and I am designing the amplifier circuit.  Up until recently referred to as "Project X",  certain details can now be released.

The amp will be stripped of all its components except for the transformers and tube sockets.  The new circuit will have the following features:

"Normal" input with:

​5F6-A circuit design.

"Special" input with:

     Overdrive Tube Gain Stage w/ ON-OFF

     Tube Reverb w/ ON-OFF

     Tube (bias) Tremolo w/ ON-OFF

     NFB 3-pos switch:  "Normal", "5E3", "JTM45"

     Trainwreck-style Master Volume

     Adjustable bias

     Gain Boost Switch

     Tone Stack Bypass Switch ("RAW")


The concept is an amplifier  with the head on a rotating platform attached to the amp cabinet that swivels into the cabinet when not in use.

The cabinet features one 12" AlNiCo speaker and one 10" ceramic speaker wired in parallel.  This unusual combination of speakers does some amazingly wonderful things to the tone of the amplifier.

HardWay "Duke" Amplifier

Chassis and cover, back from the powder coater.

HardWay "Duke" Amplifier

HardWay "Duke" Amplifier

HardWay "Duke" Amplifier

The donor amplifier is a 1956 Dukane PA amp, Model 1D406A, which featured seven pre-amp tubes (5-ECC83 & 2-12AU7), a 5U4GB rectifier, and 2 original Tung-Sol 5881s.  As it was a PA amplifier, it had four Dukane octal microphone impedance matching transformers and inputs.  The multi-tap output transformer included a 70V output for distributed speakers, typical for PA amps of the time.

HardWay "Duke" Amplifier
HardWay "Duke" Amplifier

Chassis with transformers.