1986 Fender Contemporary Stratocaster

The Contemporary line of Strats came in 10 models, and 3 "Unknown" models.  This is one of the Unknowns.  It has 2 single coils and 1 humbucker, 1 Volume, 1 TBX, and side-mounted output jack.  It is a rare guitar.


“D” profile neck with a 12" radius.
"BiFlex" truss rod adjustment on the headstock.
Microtilt neck angle fine adjustment.
22 medium jumbo frets.
Fender Roto-matic tuners, and 4 bolt neck plate.
11 screw pickguard.
String locking.
Fender Schaller System I.
Two Single Coils and one humbucking pickup.
25.5" scale length.
Black colored neck and headstock.
Probably a basswood body.

FOR SALE:     $600

This is close to the actual color of the guitar - a metallic silver. 

Most everything is original on the guitar except for the control knobs and the tremolo arm.  I restored the original System 1 bridge, and it is perfect.  The fine tuners work as they should, and they aren't all wobbly and cross-threaded like they are on many guitars of this era.

The original "F" logo knobs are incredibly rare, and if you can find them they sell for as much as $120.00.  Each.

The knobs on Greene are Fender "F" logo type from a 1970 Bronco guitar for the volume, and a 1969 Fender PA ±5 knob on the TBX control.  They look like they came with the guitar.   These are rare knobs themselves.

The original pickups are outstanding;  you get all the spank and quack of the Stratosaster, but switch to the humbucker and pretend you are EVH.

I would point out that these guitars can be challenging to set up properly so that they stay in tune and have proper intonation.  This one is exactly right.

Fender Contemporary Stratocaster
Fender Contemporary Stratocaster
Fender Contemporary Stratocaster
Fender Contemporary Stratocaster

The guitar is somewhat of a natural relic - it has its share of bumps and dings and wear.  That just gives it a little bit of extra Mojo.

Greene has the original backplate and jack cover (lost on most Strats) and the locking nut works as intended.

Greene is not green, but it is a splendid guitar, made when the Japanese quality exceeded Fender USA quality by a significant margin.

Fender Contemporary Stratocaster

HardWay Vintage Electronics

"Greene" is a 1986 Fender Contemporary Stratocaster. 

Between the years 1984 and 1986 there were no American Stratocasters - the new Company was still in flux, and if you bought a new Stratocaster it was made in Japan. 

The Fender Contemporary models were manufactured from 1984 to 1987 by FujiGen Gakki and these Stratocasters were designed to be Superstrats (Super Strat) with humbucking pickups and Floyd Rose-like tremolos made by Schaller and Kahler.  Greene has a System 1 tremolo (the most desirable) by Schaller.

Greene got her name because when I bought it I thought it was a lovely shade of green, as in the photo to the left.

Well, Greene is not green.  It is a silver metallic that photographs green for some reason.

This Strat is is great shape, the usual dings and scratches, and some (what I would call minor) fingerboard and fret wear.  This guitar is a joy to play.