HardWay Jay Turser Mods

J Turser
Jay Turser

Jay Turser                               - SOLD -

I did some custom work on this Jay Turser telecaster.

Jay Turser makes a surprisingly good little guitar.  This one cost $45 on eBay, it had electrical problems.  I replaced both pickups with good pickups, reversed the tone plate, added a 5-postion switch to split the coils on the neck pickup, added a wooden (maple) pickguard, and did the neck inlay

I think the inlay came out pretty good, don't you?

Which is surprising,  since the "inlay" is actually just a film transfer that adheres to the surface of the neck .  So it is not inlay - it's outlay!

Not bad for $20.

Due to some miracle of science, the film doesn't come off, even with aggressive playing, and I don't notice it under my fingers when playing.

The design cleverly covers the dot inlays of the neck.

If you change your mind, the "inlay" comes off without damaging the neck.

I probably wouldn't do this to my pre-war Martin D-45, but I think it looks great on a $50 Jay Turser.