BillM Audio                                                           Good source for Fender amp mods. especially the Blues Jr. and Excelsior.

EL34 World                                                          Amp building resources, schematics, parts, esoterica.

Just Radios                                                            Capacitor uF - nF - pF Conversion Chart.

AKAVALVE                                                             Tube amp troubleshooting and repair.

The Valve Wizard                                               Great resource - All about tube amps.

GEOFEX                                                                  Tube amp resource, effects.

BMAMPS                                                                Huge schematics library.

Resistor Codes Calculator                            Resistor color code calculator from Digi-Key.

1959 Tweed Bassman                                     This is the best-sounding Fender amp I have ever heard.

Electronics Forum                                             Debugging your build.  Excellent.

Vintage Amps Forum                                       Read about other people's amp problems.

Duncan's Amp Pages                                        How to set the bias on your amp.

Rob Robinette                                                      Tube amp forums.

Fuzz Central                                                          Dallas Rangemaster.

Hagtech                                                                   All about snubbers.

Lenard Audio Institute                                     Tube amp data.

The Gear Page                                               I hang out here sometimes.

DIY TUBE                                                               Tube amp forums.

Schematic Heaven                                             Schematic Heaven.                                                                 Various things.

ProGuitarShop                                                    Rectifiers explained.

Bias Calculator                                                    Weber VST bias calculator.

Amp Design                                                           Fun with tubes.

Fender Amps-The First Fifty Years           You should read this book.

Day by Day Cartoon                                         My favorite political cartoon (with babes).

Electronics Assistant                                        A handy little electronics calculator.

Vintage Speaker Codes                                   Weber's speaker code lookup.

AMPWARES                                                          Amplifier database.

Hoffman                                                                  Parts list for the AB763.

Serial Numbers                                                    Dating Fender amps by Serial Number.

Guitarium and Ampeteria                              Database of Fender guitars and amps.

Sengpielaudio                                                       Frequency - Wavelength calculator.

Weber's Forums                                                  Active guitar and amps forum.

TDPRI                                                                       Forum about Telecasters.

Strat-Talk                                                                 Forum about, um, Stratocasters.

GEOFEX                                                                  Debugging your amp build.  Useful.

EL34WORLD                                                       Common hookups.  ( of the electrical variety).

Amp Man                                                                 Convert Silverface "Balance" control to Blackface adjustable bias.

​Online Metals                                                       Brass sheet for Fender grounding plates.  Make your own!

Blackface Conversion                                       Fender Twin Silverface to Blackface conversion.

Aiken Amps                                                             Amplifier Technical White Papers, Good Resource.

Blue Guitar                                                             Schematics Smorgasbord.  McIntyre Bluesmaker under "Misc Amp Mods".

Okawa Electric Design                                    Many nice calculators for RC filters and etc.

Amp Books                                                             Vacuum Tube Calculators.

Free Information Society                                Audio Electronic Circuit Schematics.

Uncle Spot                                                              Fender input jacks 

                                                                                      Often cause people problems 

                                                                                      This is a Haiku

Mic Kaczmarczik                                                 Fender Information.  Vast quantities of.

The Amp Garage                                                 Tube amp builders talk about tube amp stuff.

Knowledge Base - Resources


Hard-to-Find Parts

HardWay Vintage Electronics


Antique Electronic Supply                             Great source for tube amp parts, resistors, capacitors, hardware.

Darren Riley                                                          Guitar and Amp Parts, some you will only find here.

EL34 World                                                           Excellent service.  Hard-to-find obscure parts; check here first.

Surplus Sales of Nebraska                             Hard-to-Find carbon comp resistors, mica "domino" caps.

Angela Instruments                                          Tube amp and guitar parts, capacitors, resistors .

Marsh Amplification                                         Amp Cabs, push-back wire, components.  Nice People.

Just Radios                                                            Resistors and capacitors for tube gear.

Amplified Parts                                                   All kinds of parts for tube amps.

Ted Weber                                                            Great speakers.  Re-coning service.

MojoTone                                                              Guitar and amp parts, speakers, kits.

Tube Amp Doctor                                             TAD premium tubes, amp parts, kits.

Electronic Goldmine                                       Rare and esoteric, sometimes delightfully weird.

HardWay                                                              Reproduction capacitors, amp repair and restoration, Custom guitars.

Guitar Parts Factory                                       Fender Parts.

Durdel's Music                                                   Since 1946.  One of the first Fender Dealers.  Best music store in Ohio.

The STRATosphere                                          Stratocaster bodies, necks, parts, and more.

Electron Tube Store                                        Make your own vacuum tubes!

Daugherty Pickups                                          Great Strat pickups.

Small Bear Electronics                                   Germanium transistors, effects parts, plans.

Watts Tube Audio                                            Amplifier Parts, large selection of circuit boards.

Kopp Archtops                                                  Hand-made, stunningly beautiful archtop guitars in Ohio.

Studio Sound Electronics                            Vintage Fender Amp Restoration Parts​.

Online Metals                                                    Here is the cartridge brass sheet to make your own grounding plates.

Sky Craft Surplus                                              Many interesting categories, electronics and otherwise.

Fair Radio                                                             The Granddaddy of Surplus Military electronics. > <

StewMac                                                                Guitar Tools and Parts and Information.  Good YouTube DIY Videos.

CE Distribution                                                  Amplifier and other parts.  Diverse.  Commercial.

Parts Express                                                      Electronics, electronics everywhere.

ClassicTone Transformers                           Accurate, paper-wound reproductions of many classic Xfrmrs.