HardWay, On the Bench

On the Bench:                                                               10/11/18   Thursday

1940s National Amplifier
Tom Funke ESP LP, Epiphone Les Paul
Rick Hall – 1971 Fender Musicmaster bass amp and 1964 National lap steel.
1st Production Fortress of Solitude for William Dyke
Ken Haas’  DRRIs (2) and 1995 Prosonic
Tube clean boost pedal w/ diode distortion option
A UniVibe–like thing
1986 Fender Stratocaster with System 1 tremolo MIJ  - restore
Excelsior volume issues – repair
1966 Fender Princeton Reverb – Restore
Pignose G40V modifications, possibly for Perry Nichols.


Analog delay line for amp signal.
Clean boost tube pedal
Harmonic tremolo plus reverb in a box.
A true bypass / buffer box.
Generation VI RangeMaster
Amplifier Special Design for Perry Nichols’ ARA cabinet
Proprietary capacitive signal modulator for guitar.

Concept Phase:

Rotating magnetic field influence on vacuum tube operation
Guitar string attack remover device
True pitch-shifting tube vibrato.  Not tremolo.
Compact plate reverb
Transformer-based passive tone pre-amp


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