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The Fortress of Solitude is being relocated to a currently secret (and unknown) location.

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HardWay, On the Bench


Fender - Marshall Blend Guitar Preamp

Analog delay line for amp signal.

Clean boost tube pedal

Harmonic tremolo plus reverb in a box.

A true bypass / buffer box.

Generation VI RangeMaster

Amplifier Special Design for Perry Nichols’ ARA cabinet

Proprietary capacitive signal modulator for guitar.


Concept Phase:

Rotating magnetic field influence on vacuum tube operation

Guitar string attack remover device

True pitch-shifting tube vibrato.  Not tremolo.

Compact plate reverb without using a plate HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Transformer-based passive tone pre-amp



I am publishing my 5th collection of poems.  The title of the book is “The Beguiled” – A Collection of Algorithmic Laments.  currently available on Amazon. Makes a great holiday gift for friends, family, and people you really hate.