On the Bench:                                                       12/05/18   Wednesday

Chris Kenekes’ 1993 Peavey Classic 50 212

Amps getting ready to go to Durdel’s

Derek Brody HardWay Vibroverb #2

Get hollow rivets for the motherboard of Bill’s FoS II

Wayne Barger’s Fortress of Solitude checkup

Wayne’s Bad Horsie wah repair

Solve RangeMaster VI Welwyn pot issue

Tube boost (Matsumin) build for Perry Nichols

Start on the UniVibe

Start finishing (what?) the Duke amplifier.




Analog delay line for amp signal.

Clean boost tube pedal

Harmonic tremolo plus reverb in a box.

A true bypass / buffer box.

Generation VI RangeMaster

Amplifier Special Design for Perry Nichols’ ARA cabinet

Proprietary capacitive signal modulator for guitar.


Concept Phase:

Rotating magnetic field influence on vacuum tube operation

Guitar string attack remover device

True pitch-shifting tube vibrato.  Not tremolo.

Compact plate reverb without using a plate HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Transformer-based passive tone pre-amp



I am publishing my 5th collection of poems.  The title of the book is  “The Beguiled”

– A Collection of Algorithmic Laments.  currently available on Amazon.

Makes a great holiday gift for friends, family, and people you really hate.


HardWay, On the Bench



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