Pignose G40V

UPDATE:  Well, the power transformer attempted to reach the temperature of the Sun.  I suspect an internal short.  I ordered a replacement (oversized) from Classic Tone.

Caps are all in the green.  New huge power Xformer is working fine.  This is a solid, great sounding little amp.  Many modification possibilities. 

Ooooh, That Smell!

I put power to the amp and noticed two things right away:

  1.  No filament power.

  2.  Burning transformer smell.

So... either this transformer was bad in a way that my winding checks couldn't catch, or there is a bad short in the amp, downstream from the secondaries.  I suspect the filament winding.

Research indicates that these amps had a pervasive problem with their power transformers.  They may have been too small for the 40W amp circuit.  Forums are full of blown PT stories.

Anyhow, I'm on to Stage 2 of troubleshooting.  I will check the current to the Xformer loaded and unloaded and see where the short is.

Stay tuned...

Pignose G40V

Jim Myers brought me this Pignose 2 x 6L6 tube amp.  It's interesting; I have never seen one before.  Kind of nicely made, the circuit uses all 12AX7s in the gain stages and also the inverter.  

This particular amp had a power transformer problem - meaning the transformer was disconnected and lying in the bottom of the cabinet.  My elite troubleshooting skills were quick to pick this up.

The transformer, which was not original to the amp, seemed to be ok, at least by resistance checking the windings.  So I installed it.