Fender blue reproduction caps

HardWay Reproduction Fender Capacitors

Yellow Astrons  $35 each

Blue Tubular  $25 each

Astron Minimites  $35 each

Red Astrons  $25 each

Astron Minimite reproductions
Yellow Astron reproduction caps
Red Astron Reproduction caps


Reproduction Capacitors

I don't make these anymore because they are too hard to fabricate and time-consuming.

These "new" reproduction capacitors are expensive, and yet, somehow, not profitable; so I only make them in cases where I am doing a complete amplifier restoration for a customer, or a very special request from a customer.  They are truly a labor of love.

I have a very limited number in stock, so if you absolutely must have one, and price is no object (Ha!), then contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Custom Order.  Made one at a time, by hand.  Allow two weeks for completion.

If you have your original Minimite caps, I can re-build them as new capacitors for $25.
E-mail me with what you need.