1972 Martin D-35

1972 Martin D-35


I bought my Martin D-35, Tamsin, brand new in 1972 from Durdel's music store in Toledo Ohio.  I paid the list price, which was $550, because Cliff gave made me an easy payment plan when I mentioned that I didn't have $550.

Tamsin has been all over the country, in various gin joints and other questionable venues, in 102 degree heat in Florida, 23 below zero in Michigan, and never complains.

The black pickguard fell off in about 1975, and there was a noticeable improvement in tone;  so it has stayed off, although I am starting to wear a hole through the top where my fingers rest when I am fingerpicking.

Notice that the bridge pin on the G string is black - the other pins are white.  I can't remember if I learned this from Pat Lewandowski when we were in The Snooz Blues Band together, or if he learned it from me.  But it turned into a THING.  It has great mystical significance.

I have been married for 35 years, but I have known and loved my guitar for longer.  My wife understands (I think).

Tamsin is the only guitar that I wish I could take to my grave.  She has been my dear companion and confidant.  I know some of you understand what I am talking about...