HardWay Outlaw Stratocaster

HardWay, Ltd. Outlaw Stratocaster


Newest Custom Outlaw Stratocaster.

Timothy is a Sea Foam Green Strat with a flame maple neck and gold hardware.  The pickguard is a pure copper sheet covered by a clear pickguard.  Clear volume and tone knobs.  The pickups are Dragonfire overwound Texas Specials - the first time I have used these pickups, and they are really great.  The electronics are "Grease Bucket"
tone controls with no-load pots, shielded cavity, and cloth wiring.

The licensed neck is 22 frets, medium "C" profile, 10" radius, 6105 fret wire, and poly vintage amber finish.  This neck is solid, resonant, and plays well.

The body is an Inventing Shed USA-made Alder in thin, aged Sea Foam with a few dings and nicks, no structural damage.  Vintage S/S/S routing,  and a modern 2-point bridge.  Hardware is all gold-plated.  Machines are vintage Gotoh.  Body weighs 4 pounds, 4 ounces. 

Includes a Fender hardshell case and a Fender suede strap.

Timothy is set up for DR Black Beauty strings, 11 - 50.

*  = Dragonfire pickups  =  Custom guitar bodies

A word about set-up:  Until you learn how to set up your own guitars, you probably won't be perfectly happy.

This guitar is set up for me.  I play medium-gauge strings, like low action, but have a heavy hand and use a steel pick.

Don't expect ANY guitar to be set up properly for you - with a little research and experimentation, it's not difficult to set your own string and pickup height, neck relief, nut and bridge saddles, and intonation.

If you don't want to do it yourself, a good tech can do it for you.  (A good tech will know your playing style and want you to be there to audition changes as he makes them.)

HardWay, Ltd. Outlaw Stratocaster