Tonika                                                                             $ 220

This is a 1969 Tonika electric guitar, made in Sverdlovsk, USSR.

The rare and highly undesirable Tonika was evidently built by Russian state workers who had never seen a guitar before;  They did the best they could.

Perhaps the world's most horrible guitar.  It takes about an hour to put strings on it, the neck is thick as a brick and nearly as square, the shape is amoeba-like, and it won't stay in tune no matter what.

It has a Gibson Varitone-like tone switch which is actually kind of interesting, and the pickups sound pretty good!

The hilariously huge bridge plate is held on by by roughly 250 screws and bolts.

The neck, on the other hand, is held on by 2 (count 'em, two) screws.

It is playable, mostly, and the sound is pretty good.  The neck takes some getting used to.

In Soviet Russia, guitar plays you!

Tonika Guitar USSR
Tonika Guitar USSR

From Russia with Love, Sort of

Tonika Guitar USSR